Who Is Perfect Cloud?


We're not your average mattress company. With over a decade of mattress design experience, we're on a mission to improve sleep quality through carefully crafted mattresses. Our unique factory-to-customer model means you get premium quality mattresses at a fraction of the price. We're proud to announce that our mattresses are now exclusively sold on amazon.com.


Don't get caught up in all the trendy new technologies that are constantly bombarding you. We never incorporate any new technology or feature into our products without having thoroughly tested it. This ensures that you pay only for those things which are actually going to improve your sleeping experience.



Our Story

It’s a refuge, the perfect place on a cold rainy day, it’s a lazy Sunday morning with coffee and the newspaper. Bed. Hard to leave it some mornings, lovely to slip into at night and allow the worries of the day to drift off as you slide into slumber, linger for a moment in that sweet spot between here and there, conscious and unconscious. We're big proponents of sleeping well. We're also big proponents of a good night’s sleep not costing you as much as a college education or a family vacation to Switzerland.

Perfect Cloud was started when I was working overseas with mattress manufacturers and sourcing materials as part of my job. However, I was not sleeping well at all. The beds in the apartments I stayed in were slats of discomfort, planks of misery. I had experience with memory foam but, that was hit and miss. I gave it some serious thought, what would my perfect mattress be? Through the countless, dedicated hours I had given to understanding the ins and outs of mattresses, I had developed into a true expert. I knew exactly what went into a mattress, what the function and purpose of every component was and, what was absolutely necessary for that perfect night’s sleep. I noticed that a lot of the big-name companies added “features” or “technologies” that did nothing for the sleep quality but certainly inflated the price tag. So, with my experience and my desire for the perfect slumber, I decided to make my own. Why not? I knew what I wanted; perfect sleep. What I didn’t want; extras that didn’t help achieve that perfect sleep. What I needed; the best, high-quality materials assembled in a precise fashion. So, I did it. With time and understanding, I put the materials together and I made this mattress. And, I slept ... boy did I sleep. A few nights later, a friend of mine stopped by and I told him about my bed. He reclined on it, a few minutes later, he was snoring like an old dog on a porch. The next day, he asked me to make him a mattress. He had been having the same bad sleep, the same morning aches and pains and so, I made him one of my mattress. He told me it was the best gift he had ever received; a great, deep, restful night's sleep. He started bragging about his mattress to friends and the next thing I knew, I was getting tons of requests from friends and friends of friends for mattresses. After about a year, I thought, this is could be something. The mattresses I made were high quality, well-constructed, they lasted and, because I knew what was really needed for that good sleep and what was a costly gimmick, the incredible quality of my mattresses was achieved at an exceptionally reasonable price. Solid construction, high-quality materials, only the essentials, no “features” or “gimmicks” and best of all, they gave people what they so craved ... rest! The verdict was in, this was a great mattress. Great enough that someone told me I should market these mattresses. So, I teamed up with another expert in sourcing quality products and here we are, five years later and we’re selling our mattresses and putting people to sleep, all over the world.


Sleep is essential. A good night's sleep heals, rejuvenates and gets you ready to face whatever the new day hands you. Why should you have to pay so much for something so simple, so necessary? We don’t think that’s fair. You shouldn’t have to lose sleep over the price trying to get a good sleep. So, we want everyone to be able to drop onto a cloud, close their eyes and have a good night sleep without worrying about going broke getting there. Drop onto our cloud. Sleep they way you were meant to. No hidden features, no new “technologies” no secret recipes. Just the best materials that help you sleep better. That’s it, a great, affordable mattress for a perfect night's sleep. That’s what we set out to do and that’s what the Perfect Cloud delivers. We hope you’ll drop on our cloud and sleep.