What Is High Quality Memory Foam And Why Does It Matter?

Memory foam mattresses have become commonplace in the last decade or so. There are many sellers out there that profess to offer a mattress which will revolutionize your sleeping experience. That may be true, but often these mattresses tend to degrade quickly and wear out, even if they feel comfortable at first. There are tell-tale signs of low-quality mattresses that you can look out for before making the leap into memory foam. 

Memory Foam Density

Memory foam density is simply the measure of how much one cubic foot weighs. This weight can vary based on a variety of factors including how much air is present within the foam. High-density foams are more durable than lower density foams and stand up to impressions and wear better as well. 

As you research the various mattress suppliers you'll notice that the more expensive brands are more likely to contain greater percentages of high-density foam. It is not always the case, however, that more expensive mattresses incorporate higher quality foam. Often marketing and retail costs raise prices that would otherwise be much cheaper so it's always best not to assume that the most expensive mattress is best. 

Memory Foam ILD (Indentation Load Deflection)

Foam indentation load deflection is a standard test that determines how soft or firm the memory foam is. Mattresses with a higher ILD rating are firmer and therefore more supportive. Too soft and you'll sink, too hard and you won't make an indent. Some brands have ILD's as low as 6 while a support layer for a mattress may have an ILD of 30+. Many mattress manufacturers choose to layer in an attempt to provide the "best of both worlds". They will utilize a high ILD memory foam on the bottom to support your body and then cover it with a lower ILD memory foam to cradle you. 

Choosing The Right Mattress

When it comes down to choosing the right mattress there are a few things to take into consideration. If, for example, you're a lighter person you'll want a mattress with a lower overall ILD so that your body can actually conform to it as you sleep. You would also choose a lower ILD if you want a softer overall mattress. On the other hand, a heavier person or someone that want's a firmer mattress would want a high ILD.

Make sure you do your research before you finally make the leap on your new mattress. Often, it pays to spend a little extra dough on a nicer mattress in order to get something that will last, but you may be able to find a great deal on a mattress that utilizes just as good of foam.