The Anatomy of a Bed in the Box Mattress

"Bed in a box mattresses", You've definitely seen them advertised online, but do you really know what makes it a bed in a box mattress, or if you would even like it. The first thing to make clear is that just because a mattress comes in a box doesn't mean it's flimsier, worse, cheaper, or lower quality than a mattress that you would buy at a store. People often have the perception that because it comes compressed, rolled up, and stuffed into a box it's going to be lower quality, but that's the beauty of memory foam. 


So, Why is Memory Foam better Than a Traditional Mattress?

Mattress Packaging 1.png

Memory foam is aptly named for its ability to maintain its shape. That means you can flatten it, roll it, and ship it without any damage to the mattress. A traditional spring mattress would never hold up under such circumstances. 

Not only that, memory foam isn't supporting you with metal springs so it isn't bouncy like a traditional mattress and it offers more-evenly distributed support. Instead of the springs pushing back up on your body as you push down memory foam conforms and gently cradles. This helps reduce pressure on your joints and can help tremendously with issues like back pain. 

Overall, memory foam gives you the firmness that you need, but the plush softness that you desire. Memory foam mattresses are often constructed using a variety of memory foam layers in various densities which means they can be very soft to the touch. 


How is a Bed in a Box Mattress Packaged and Delivered

Perhaps the biggest advantage to buying a bed in a box mattress is that you can have it delivered right to your door. No more going down to a store, finding a mattress that is suitable, and somehow strapping it to the top of your car and getting it home. Memory foam mattresses can be compressed rolled tightly and fit into easy to carry boxes. Then upon opening, you just have to remove them from the box, tear the plastic covering and watch the mattress expand back to its normal size and form. Within minutes you can lay comfortably on your mattress. 

Best yet, almost every company offers some kind of sleep trial or return period so you don't have to fret over buying a mattress that you've never laid on before. So, if you're in the market for a new mattress, maybe it's time to consider having one sent to you instead of going to find one yourself.